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Grow your skills and get started in the Permanent Makeup (PMU) industry. Begin this adventure with a solid foundation in Permanent Makeup techniques. This exhaustive and comprehensive training will prepare you well and enable you to respond to the high-demand for quality Permanent Makeup procedures like permanent eyeliner and permanent lips. 

This comprehensive Foundations training will leave you feeling confident and ready to hit the ground running in this fast-growing industry! To ensure that you are staying on track with your technique and business growth, we include ongoing phone, video chat, and e-mail support. 

Highlights of Your Custom Curriculum

  • Explanation of different PMU needles, machines and their uses

  • Seating, body position, proper set up and pressure

  • Colour Theory and Matching for your clients, how to mix pigments

  • Client Consultations and Forms

  • Skin Anatomy, Contraindications, Difficult Skin Types, Healing Processes

  • Medications, Medical Conditions, and Contraindications

  • Prescriptive Aftercare for skin type and touch-up/perfecting sessions

  • Instructor demonstrations

  • Proper Health and Safety – compliance with Provincial Health Authorities

  • Business/Marketing 101: basics of successfully setting up your new business

  • Live model* work under instructor supervision and guidance


Bloodborne Pathogens Training

In order to maintain the highest standards in public safety, we require that all participants complete Blood Borne Pathogens training. Ivonne Sanchez Beauty reserves the right to refuse admittance and certification in circumstances where the student has failed to meet our pre-requisites.

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